Best RV Awning Lights

Recpro RV Camper and Trailer White LED Light

Recpro RV Camper and Trailer White LED Light

Camco Cute Hanging Outdoor RV Lights

Camco Cute Hanging Outdoor RV Lights

Coleman Lantern LED String Lights

Coleman Lantern LED String Lights

Being a traveler is always a matter of adventure for people. And those who are fond of traveling and exploring they tend to spend a lot of money for these purposes. They like to spend on these aspects to make their exploration more delightful. Moving will be more joyous when you have an excellent companion to accompany you on traveling. So taking all these aspects under consideration, travelers tend to buy a recreational vehicle.

But having a recreational vehicle is also a matter of acute concern for the owners. The van is very much sturdy and will support you at any circumstances. Even though taking care and servicing of the vehicle is a must for you. When you are camping with your van, it is imperative to use a strip light or awning light to make your camping place visible and also of relaxing purposes.

For such reasons today, we are exhibiting the best RV awning lights (camper), which will make your camping more secure and also relaxing. When you are camping in the woods, it is evident that you will feel insecure at night. In the night time, you always want to have a relaxing time after the tiring adventure of the daytime. So in this situation, to make your camping more secure, these awning lights can be used in your van.

Generally, these lights are strip LED lights, which give an excellent illumination to your vehicle as well as to the surrounding of your car. You can enjoy sitting in front of your car in a chair and relax while these lights will provide you the security. Besides, in the woods, these awning LED strips will also offer a good location for your vehicle. People from distant places can recognize the car. So let us observe the product descriptions stated below.

Best RV Awning Lights (Camper) List


Recpro RV Camper and Trailer White LED Awning Light

Recpro RV Camper and Trailer White LED Light

Our first product for the exclusive list is a super quality LED awning light manufactured by RecPro. These light are used in all most all the recreational vehicles around the globe. The publicity of this light has reached far and wide. The users of this light are mainly the campers. When they decide to go camping with their vans, they surely install these LED strip lights in their vans. Thus their journey becomes more exciting.

These lights are one of the best available in the market, and this is widely appreciated by the users too. The illumination of this light is very high in quality. The power of this light is much impressive. Thus strip lights will help you to enlighten the total periphery of your vehicle. The energy consumption of this light is also much less. The whole battery level of your van will not deteriorate due to the use of this light.

This light supplies in total 1500 lumens of power to be more precise. The installation of this light is also straightforward. The light comes with 4 inches of polycarbonate mounting channel. This feature makes the LED light to get installed in your van easily. The awning light is sold in four different sizes. Thus you can suite this light to your trailer as per your requirement. This light will also enhance the aesthetic beauty of your van.

This product contains in total of four pieces of the mounting channel. The light is very much dominant. This light can be used for multipurpose too. You can use this light to illuminate the interior and as well as the exterior of the van. The nature of the light is quite jazzy. So you can sue this light while having any campfire or dinner outside of the truck. So in a nutshell for having an enjoyable and relaxing time in your van, these LED light is much useful.


  • Mighty light
  • Easy to install
  • All manuals are provided
  • Good illumination
  • Comes with strong adhesive for easy sticking


  • Some customers complained about the light to be too string for interior lighting.


Camco Cute Hanging Outdoor RV Lights

Camco Cute Hanging Outdoor RV Lights

Camco manufactures our second product from the list. They are very famous for making vehicle accessories. Besides LED strip lights, they are also in a recreational vehicle step cover business. Thus it is evident that the product of this company is a quality product indeed. This product will add up to the aesthetic value of your van and will provide you the outstanding comfort and relaxation that you crave for.

These lights are also denoted as retro traveling lights. The light is manufactured in specific unique shapes to give you a more nostalgic experience. Till now there are in total, this company makes seven different shapes of lights. All of them are arranged in a strip and then attached to your van. Some irregular forms include small cars, vegetables, beer bottles, and mugs. These lights are mighty.

The lights are 120 volts in action, and an outer covering well protects them. Thus you can have a bright outlook, and our accessories will be safe too. These lights are placed in a strand. And the strand is almost eight inches in length. Each of the strands contains a total of ten views, and also, there are adhesively attached to the strands, which will give easy adjustment to the rail of the van. These lights will support both indoor and outdoor usage.


  • Cute and very friendly shape
  • Easy to install
  • Has a protective cover
  • Provides proper brightness


  • Some customers complained that the design is a bit bulky.


Coleman 10 Lantern LED String Lights

Coleman Lantern LED String Lights

Our third product from the list is a sleek looking and stylish LED awning light manufactured by Coleman. These lights are very much compatible with your vehicle because these lights consume less power, and the design quality is also very soothing. The design of this LED strip is a bit different from the other products. The company desired to produce a product that will have the serviceability of modern technology with a hint of the traditional approach.

The modern technologies of LED are included in this product, which makes the illumination very strong, and the power supply requirement is also very less in terms of other products. This feature makes this strip of light more accessible to the users. Besides this, the design quality of the lights was made within tiny lamp shapes, which were used in the previous eras. This keeps the traditional approach of the design upheld.

Each of the lamps is attached in a string type element. And they are sold on a string basis too. In each string, there are only ten lights attached, and the views are run in a 3AA battery cell. These batteries are also replaceable, and you can buy them from the market if the cell dries out. Each of the string of aggregating the tiny lamps measures eighty inches in length. So this will be beneficial for you when you go for buying the light 


  • Affordable Victorian lantern design
  • Uses less battery consumption
  • The battery can run for 20 hours
  • Lightweight in nature


  • Some customers complained about the batteries that need charging regularly 


Polymer and Etched Bronze String Lights

Polymer and Etched Bronze String Lights

Our second last product from the list is an exclusive quality and differently designed LED strip lights for recreation vehicle manufacture by Polymer Products LLC. The build quality of this light is very sturdy. This light is resistant to any weather aggression. You can use these lights to enlighten the exterior of your vehicle correctly. The illumination provides by this light will surely amuse you and give a brighter look to your van.

One of the prime features of this light is that the strip is weather resistant. This makes the lamps more string. Besides, these lights are also shatterproof. A polycarbonate housing is given around the lights for protective purposes. The illumination is provided form this housing, and the light remains safe. Their hooks provided for the attachment of the strip to your van. The hooks are stainless steel in terms of material features.

There coiled cords in between each of the lights in the strip. This coiled cords can be extended to a limit of thirty inches in length. This feature allows the strip to be more flexible, and you can easily make use of these strips of LED lights in big caravans. The power cord provided with the package is also twenty feet in length. Thus there are no complications in terms of connecting the light to the power supply situated at a distance.


  • Weather-resistant build quality
  • Stainless steel hooks provided
  • Long length if the power cord
  • Design is classy


  • Some customers have complained that the bulbs are not included in the overall package


LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light

LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light

Our last product from the list is a pure classy LED awning light manufactured by Leisure LED. These companies are renowned for producing top quality LED products. These LED strip lights are available in almost all markets in the USA. The design of this light is different from all the other views. The primary difference is that the light is not assembled on the stripping process. 

Instead, the design of this light gives an individuality to the product. The light is manufactured in single LED devices, and they provide much more illumination than the traditional one. The light is easy to install, and it can be used for enlightening your porch too. The material used in the construction of this light is also very sturdy.

This light is sold in tow formats, and the price also varies following the size of the light. The essential feature of this light is the battery range. This range is in between eleven to eighteen volts. So many nuances in the power supply will easily adaptable to this light. The technology used to manufacture this light is totally environment friendly.


  • The light is compelling
  • The life expectancy of this light is around 60000 hours
  • The LED does not get heated
  • The beam pattern is 120 degrees.


  • Some customers have complained about the product not suitable for parties.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best RV Awning Lights (Camper)

For the people whole love camping, most of them possess a recreational vehicle. These vehicles are the constant companion for the campers. So decorating the car is always a sort of excitement for them. In this context, using a LED strip around the edge of the van will make your vehicle look cooler to the campers. These lights also provide a source of security as well as comfort to your car.

Whenever you are deciding to buy an awning light for your recreational vehicle, then there are various aspects that, as a buyer, you should keep in your consideration. Our researchers have worked hard and assessed the market situation of these lights. And they have found out some crucial aspects that as a buyer you should consider before buying the lamp. These aspects will help you to but a good quality awning light for your vehicle.

Best RV Awning Lights (Camper)

The Thickness of the LED Light

The first and foremost aspect that a buyer must look for before buying this dimension of this light. Generally, the size of the light depends on the thickness of the LED strip, and according to this thickness, the compatibility of the light with your car will process.


The Illumination Capacity of the Light

Another essential aspect to look for before buying is the illumination power of the light. There are differences in the illumination capacity of the light, for this reason, you must decide what sort of power you require to form the light and then go for the final buy 


Battery Capacity of the Van

Another essential; aspect of judging before finalizing the buy is the battery capacity of the van. As the light will take power from the car battery to run, for this reason, you should be well aware of the size of the battery installed in your van so that no mishap occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best RV Awning Lights (Camper)


What is the Installation Procedure?

The installation procedure of these light very simple. At first, the sun is to cut in your desired dimension, and then the rail is to be measured. After that, you can easily attach this light to the track with the adhesive, which is installed at the back of the LED strip.


How to Hardwire These Lights?

For installation for the light, the hardwiring is much essential. The first step for this is to arrange the red and black wires parallel. Next soldering is required to keep the wires attached. Afterward, the cables should be connected to the main terminal for power supply.


So lastly, we would like to conclude that all the LED awning lights stated here will serve you the purpose of having a secure and relaxing time in your recreational vehicle. But more selectively, we prefer the RecPro RV camper and trailer white led awning light. This strip of view is much easier to install. The illumination of the light is also impressive.

Besides, this light will not consume much of the battery, and the cost is affordable too. So before concluding our words, we hope that our list of the top five best RV awning lights (camper) has helped you buy the best one for your usage. Thank you for your patience. Happy buying!

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