Best RV Water Filter

Camco 40043 Taste Pure Water Filter

Camco 40043 Taste Pure Water Filter

Camco Evo 40631 Premium RV/Marine Water Filter

Camco Evo 40631 Premium RV/Marine Water Filter

Camco 40013 Taste Pure Water Filter

Camco 40013 Taste Pure Water Filter

Traveling is always a source of enjoyment for use. Whenever we get a break from our daily works and jobs, we tend to go to new places. It is a great initiative to explore new places as well as a great source of earning. Experts state that when a person travels and explores new experiences in his life, this leads them to learn new things, and it is quite easy to remember the knowledge which is perceived through eyes rather than seen from bookish knowledge.

So these enthusiastic people who are into traveling tend to own a recreational vehicle, which is a kind of landmark for the campers. This car is super facilitated with improved technologies, which will make you feel that you are living at your home while traveling. The dwelling cost of the journey will be lessened by a considerable amount that you can use to maintain this vehicle and explore more new places.

But there is always a loophole about the maintenance of this car. It is not an easy job, either. You have got to know very minute things while you want to have good health for your vehicle. And one of the core aspects of maintaining a well functional RV is to have a sound water supply system. For this reason, we will give you an overview of the top five best RV water filter currently available in the market for sale.

These water filters will let the water supply system of your van purify all the water, and the water will be free of all kinds of taste and odors. Thus will let you have healthy drinking water as well as suitable potable water for your usage. Therefore your journey will be much comfortable, and the scarcity of water will be compromised. These filters are a must appliance that you should possess for your RV. So without further ado, let us jump to the product description.

Best RV Water Filter List


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Camco 40043 Taste Pure Water Filter

Our first product from the list is super quality water purifying filter manufactured by Camco. This water filter is mostly used by recreational vehicle owners all over the globe. The performance of this filter is much impressive, which attracts the buyers. The application of this product is not limited to recreational vehicles. Only you can use this water purifier in terms of marine usage too.
An essential feature installed during the manufacturing of this product is the Granular Activated Carbon. This technology is also denoted as the GAC, which is used to give the water a sweet taste. The primary function of this product is to reduce the bad taste of the water. Besides, the odor of the water is also lessened by the use of this technology. Moreover, there occurs chlorination and sedimentation are water.

This GAC technology also eliminates the chlorine effect and sedimentation of the water. Thus you will provide tasty and healthy water to drink as well as for your normal usage. The filtration process of this filter is also remarkable. This filter will eliminate all sorts of bacteria and algae from the water, which will be beneficial for your health. No harmful effect will occur to your health if you use this product.

The filters of this product are very long-lasting. These filters last for almost three months. So you can quickly go for an extended tour after installing this product. Another essential feature of this product is that while reducing the sedimentation, this product can eliminate particles greater than twenty microns. The product has a positive build quality. 


  • The capacity is awe-inspiring
  • The flow rate of water is high
  • Bacterial growth we reduced
  • The design is suitable for streamline water flow
  • The hosepipe minimizes kinking


  • Some customers complained about the absence of casing for the protection of the product.


Camco Evo 40631 Premium RV/Marine Water Filter

Camco Evo 40631 Premium RV/Marine Water Filter

Our second product from the list another addition of the company Camco. These filters are more widely used for RV and also for other water purifying purposes. The build quality of this filter is rugged. Besides, the features included in this product are much applauding. The RV owners tend to like this filter due to its wide range of filtration purposes. The water used in your vehicle will be at its purest state after using this product.

The taste of the water will be improved at a higher level using this product. This filter also used the granular active carbon technology. This technology reduces the chlorine level in the water, and the sedimentation of the microbes in the water will also be eliminated using this filter. There are harmful bacteria that habitats in the water, this product will eliminate such microorganisms, and the bacteria which are up to 5-micron size will be relinquished too.

The product is a complete package for the filtration process in your RV. There is a filter housing provided in the box. Besides, there is also one extension hose that will let the water flow properly. The manufacturer has also included a replaceable premium spun. This spun will help filter the water properly; this spun has a robust build quality. There is a polypropylene filter cartridge provided with the filter too.

As we have said that there is a replaceable filter provided with the package, so the question arises about the lifespan of the product. In our research, the product can last for one camping season, which is almost equal to three months at a stretch. Thus you can be very comfortable while camping without having any tension about water quality. This product is a certified low led first product. Thus it can be denoted as environment friendly too.


  • Very useful to get rid of germs
  • Suitable for RV and camping too
  • Company guarantee provided
  • Easy installation


  • Some customers complained that the plastic quality that this product is prone to leaking.


Camco 40013 Taste Pure Water Filter

Camco 40013 Taste Pure Water Filter

Our third product from the list is to quality water filter used in a recreational vehicle manufactured by Camco. This filter differs in features from the last two screens, which also belonged to the same manufacturer. The manufacture decided to adopt some structural changes in the production of this filet and add some new features, which brought a radical change in the overall quality of the product, and it got a mass demand too.

This product can offer a wide range of uses to the RV owners. But the firs and the first feature of this product that we would like to discuss is the providing of protection against many harmful bacteria and chemicals through proper filtering of the water. We know that our body has an appropriate limitation in the inlet of chemical substances as well as bacteria. There is a particular threshold value that will increase inevitably when exceeded, can cause a detriment effect on our body.

This effect will be very much harmful to us during the journey with the RV because the availability of medical treatment is somewhat scarce in such a situation. The water filter will remove all such harmful elements like excessive iron, aluminum, cadmium, as well as the virus and bacteria with proper alacrity. Thus you will be free of any toxic substances, and your journey with the recreational vehicle will be much fruitful.

Another essential feature of this product is to make your water more refreshing. This can be done by eliminating the excess iron, also the odor of the water. If there is any bad smell in the water, it is sure that it is harmful. So a proper check is necessary before drinking the water, and this checking can be easily accomplished using a water filter. This water filter has a useful lifespan of about three months.


  • Provides a wide range of protection for the water
  • Safe and fresh drinking water
  • A durable material used in the construction
  • The filtration process is much improved


  • Some customers complained that the product is quite substantial.


Culligan RV-800 RV Water Filter

Culligan RV-800 RV Water Filter

Our second last product from the list a premium quality water purifier manufactured by Culligan. This water filter is specially modified to keep your water tank free of any harmful organisms. The build quality of this product is also impressive. The material used in the construction process is much sturdy. Thus the filter is easily protected from any sort of leakage and also forms any kind of adverse situation. You RV will have a safe drinking water supply for all the time.

This product is available in the market, and you can buy this product in two formats. The company decided to sell a product package with hose and another kit without hosepipe. This is done because there are some recreational caravan owners whose filter gets ruptured due to extensive usage. Still, the hosepipe remains sturdy and usable, so in such situations, it is very unhealthy to spend money buying a new hosepipe.

This product will provide you and your family who are traveling with you with delicious and refreshing water. The water quality will be much improved after the installation of this product.

Besides, this product will eliminate the odor of the water and make it allocable for daily usage. The water filtered by this device can be used for drinking purposes as well as washing and cooking purposes, too, which is also advantageous for the owner of RV.

One of the best features that are included in the product is the bacteriostatic filter media. This feature reduces the entry of bacteria in the water at a high level and also filters the water and eliminates the turbidity of the water too. This product can be attached to your RV at the exterior portion, and the process of attachment is quite straightforward. The filter-life of this product is also more than all other products, which are about 2000 gallons.


  • Easy to connect to your vehicle
  • The design is slim based.
  • Reduces the odor and good taste is provided
  • Long lifespan of the filter


  • Some customers have complained that the product comes with a hose, which is prone to kink.


Culligan 1019084 RV Drinking Water Filter

Culligan 1019084 RV Drinking Water Filter

Our last product from the list another addition of the brand Culligan. This filter is quite less in weigh than all other filters, and the build quality of the screen is top-notch. You will be delighted by the serviceability of this filter, and the lifespan of the filter is also much impressive. The water filtered by this product can be used for both drinking and washing purposes, which is an advantageous prospect of this filter.

The main feature of this product is the reduction of bad odor from the water. The taste of the water is also improved after the installation of this product. Your full family can drink this water and use the water filtered by this product for all purposes. No harm will occur to anyone who uses the water filtered by this product; rather, the journey will be much enjoyable. The proper filtration process also removes sediment and no cellulose substances.

The design of this product is very sleek. The manufacturer designed this product having a slim-fit approach. Thus the occupancy of space by this product is less, and the product also has a five-year warranty from the company. Such assurances are very rare in the case of water filters used in recreational vehicles. The filter-life of this product is much high, which is three months, and in terms of water measure, it is 250 gallons.


  • The design is robust
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Removes the sediments
  • Eliminates chlorine in the water


  • Some customers have complained that the product is prone to leaking when not screwed properly. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best RV Water Filter

Proper and adequate water supply in a recreational vehicle is a vital issue for the owner. Before going for any tour, the owners of the RV must think about the fuel and water supply for the vehicle. It is because these are the top two things that are needed most for the proper maintenance of any recreational car. For this purpose, the owners are very sincere to ensure an appropriate supply of water procedure during their touring.

Generally, water supply for an RV is always obtained during the halt. The campers start their journey after fulfilling the tank. They then use the water for their various purposes like cooking, drinking, showering, etc. but soon, there occurs scarcity of water due to over-usage. So at that time, there is a high need for pure water as the water obtained from nearby water bodies might result in harmful diseases or bacteria transmission.

And in this situation, the requirement of high-end water purifier increases the most. And almost all the recreational vehicles possess this product. The owner of the car keeps this filter to have good water with less odor and sweeter taste. The water obtained from the water bodies are filtered using this product, and good quality water is collected for drinking. For this, you must have to buy the best water purifier available in the market.

Whenever you decide to buy a water filter for your vehicle, there are certain aspects that, as a buyer, you should keep in mind. The product must abide by some features that are needed to satisfy all your requirements. Our research team has already marked out some such aspects for your better convenience. Your work is to take check these aspects before buying your product. Thus you will be able to buy the best RV water filter for your usage.

Best RV Water Filter

The Longevity of the Filter

The prime aspect that, as a buyer, you should be concerned about is the longevity of the product. The filter must be reliable in terms of lifespan; otherwise, in the long tours, there will be specific issues that will damage the screen, and your water purification will be hampered.


Bacteria Removal Ability

Another vital feature for the product is to eliminate the unnecessary harmful algae and bacteria. We know in the water there are various microorganisms present, which is detrimental to our body. So the filtration capacity of the product must be high enough to eliminate these microbes. 


Material Properties

One of the core aspects that you should look for before buying the product is the material quality. The filter will be subjected to various unfavorable conditions while touring. So the material with which the product is manufactured should be durable to withstand such complex situations.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best RV Water Filter


Is the Filter Only Suitable for Filtering Drinking Water?

When using a water filter for your recreational vehicle, you must first filter the drinking water because it will directly enter your body. It is also better to filter all sorts of water that you use for cleaning and washing. This will let all the water usage safe, and the filter will also support the filtration process.


Is the Reverse Osmosis Process Applied for Rv Filters?

To our concern, the reverse osmosis process is also a sort of water purification process, which makes the water purer and destroys all the harmful organisms living in the water. This process is a bit complex than the normal one, but surely you can apply this process in case of water filtration for your RV.


Lastly, we would like to conclude that all the water filters stated here will ensure that you have pure water supply in your recreational vehicle whenever you need it. But more selectively, we prefer the Camco 40043 taste pure water filter.

This product is very suitable for the RV; the water supply line will be purely cleaned. All the bacteria and algae will be filtered, and the sedimentation and chlorination will also be eliminated. So before concluding our words, we hope that our list of the top five best RV water filter has helped you buy the best one for your usage. Thank you for your patience. Happy buying!

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