Best RV Wifi Booster

Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2 Long Range Wifi Repeater RV Kit

Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2 Long Range Wifi Repeater RV Kit

Alfa 2000mw 2w 802.11 G / N Wireless Long-range Wifi Network Adapter

Alfa 2000mw 2w 802.11 G / N Wireless Long-range Wifi

Crane Super Usb Wifi Antenna 3 - Long Range Wifi Booster

Bearifi Bearextender Outdoor Ac

Being on the road will make you go through some annoying signal problems. But nothing is worse when your WiFi is not working correctly. So, for the RV users and camping lovers, we are here to offer you the best RV WiFi booster so that you can enjoy a smooth internet connection when being on the road.

Although we all can agree that going on camping will allow us to be closer to nature and less close to modern items, that does not mean you have to be disconnected from the world. The modern world revolves around being a connection to the other people using the power of the internet. And if one does not use the internet, they are surely missing out a lot.

But when you are out of the house, in your RV, and going to a remote place for camping, the chances are that you are not going to be blessed with a good source of signals. That is when you need to have a WiFi booster. A booster will allow you to capture all the signals and provide you with a speedy internet connection even if you are in the most remote area you can think of.

To help you all out, we have done some research to find out the top five products that are currently available. We have put them together with all the necessary information, so all you need to do is keep reading without any delay to know everything.

Best RV Wifi Booster List


Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2 Long Range Wifi Repeater RV Kit

Alfa Wifi Camp Pro 2 Long Range Wifi Repeater RV Kit

The first product we are going to mention is the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Long Range WiFi Repeater RV kit. Whether you are in your yacht or RV, anywhere when you need an internet connection, this kit will be able to serve you with a secure one for your convenience.

This whole thing comes as a kit that once you set it up will provide you with a signal no matter how remote area you are in. It is going to work anywhere. In the kit, you will get an R36A router that is highly portable and an antenna to set up outside that has high sensitivity. You will also get a USB wireless adapter, which is for use outdoors.

All these features will add to get you the highest speed of internet connection when you are going camping. Sometimes camping locations can be placed in a very remote area where getting a little single will take everything. But when you have this WiFi kit with you, you will find the signal repeated to access the extended and secured connection.

As for the performance, the adapter will provide you with a speedy connection is a matter of seconds. The router and the adapter do not require to take too much time to give the signal. It will work efficiently to provide the best connection to your devices and gadgets. The installation process is also very easy. You will not have to worry about the hooking as it is easy to figure out. The kit will have all the necessary things you need for setting the kit up. The only minor problem you can face is that the given instruction may be a little confusing for you to grasp.


  • Seamless and speedy signals
  • Works in the most remote area
  • Easy to install
  • Everything necessary included
  • Sensitive enough for all kinds of signals


  • The given instruction may be a little confusing.


Alfa 2000mw 2w 802.11 G / N Wireless Long-range Wifi Network Adapter

Alfa 2000mw 2w 802.11 G / N Wireless Long-range Wifi Network Adapter

The next product is another one from Alfa. When we said they have one of the best services and designs in the market, they indeed do with their versatile product ranges. This ALFA 2000mW 2W 802.11 G / N Wireless Long-Range WiFi Network Adapter is another excellent product you will be happy to keep with you when you go on a camping session.

Being on the road, it is always hard to get a proper connection, but with this product in your hand, you will always have a decent signal with you. This adapter uses the high-gain USB service. Even though it is also an adapter, it will give you the utmost satisfaction of using it as a WiFi supplier.

The best feature you will like about this product is that it comes with a rubber antenna. This antenna is about 4 inches and works with a screw-on swivel. It has a range of 5 dB as well. But the best thing about this antenna is that you can easily remove it to upgrade it to a better option, and you can take the upgrade up to 9 dB. As for installation, you will not have the slightest of difficulties. It comes with all the necessary options for mounting. You can easily cling it to your netbook, windows, or your notebook. You can make it work with the various operating system such as Linux, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 2000.

You can use this product to connect any devices of your choice. It will be able to provide you with the needed signals. But one thing that made a lot of customers upset is that the range of the connection is not very far. Except for that, everything is fantastic about this product, including the security level. You will have a wireless data encryption that will produce your user's ID.


  • Provides with a satisfying decent internet speed
  • 4 inches rubber antenna
  • The antenna can be removed and upgraded
  • Compatible with various OS and devices
  • Good protection service


  • The signal does not go much further


Crane Super Usb Wifi Antenna 3 - Long Range Wifi Booster

Crane Super Usb Wifi Antenna 3 - Long Range Wifi Booster

The final product from our list of the best RV WiFi booster is the C. Crane Super USB WiFi Antenna 3 - Long Range WiFi Booster. This one is a very versatile product in the sense of its usage and features. You will not have a single dissatisfaction when you are using it.

This WiFi antenna will be a fantastic option for you to keep in your RV and take with you during your camping or traveling time. But another great thing is, you can easily use it for your house or mobile purposes as well. To get the most potent connection, you can just connect it with your PC. The versatility of this product will quickly let you use it indoor and outdoor.

As for your outdoor sessions, you will not have to worry about any sorts of damage. Due to the fact that is has been designed to resist any kind of damaging effects caused by water, you can have you satisfying outdoor usage. Also, it has the wireless "N" technology. This will let you transfer the file at high speed using the "N" router.

Another great thing about this product is that it has various ways of mounting it. You will have the most natural time installing it with the addition of the fantastic performance. It has a USB split cable with 15 feet long that will give you two plugs for your PC. You would be happy to know that only one cable is enough for the best performance. You will also get a suction cup to mount it on your window, or you can use the hook and loop to install it on your wall. Even with all these options, lots of people complained that they were having some problems when mounting the product due to being complex.


  • Amazing boost of signal
  • Various ways for mounting
  • 15-foot USB split cable
  • Water-resistant
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor


  • Lots of people found it difficult to mount


Alfa R36 802.11 B/g/n Repeater and Range Extender for Awus036h

Alfa R36 802.11 B/g/n Repeater

As for the next product, we have the Alfa R36 802.11 b/g/N Repeater and Range Extender for AWUS036H. This is another great option by the Alfa, which will work to provide you with a quick and instant WiFi connection despite your location.

Right now, there is no place in the world for slow and steady internet. Everyone is racing to catch with the 3G/4G internet connection. As for the campers, it is always a tough task to get the proper connection due to the location they choose. But companies are working hard to make something to provide the campers with an unstoppable internet connection. And Alfa is one of the leading companies for that. This repeater by them will give you the most reliable 3G connection you can expect to get during your camping.

The repeater can boost 3G features. It will be able to share the connection from mobile with the wireless or ethernet to your surroundings. With the help of the boost, you can connect any device or gadget to the internet connection and enjoy your time. This repeater comes with the guarantee that it will provide you with the highest speed of data rates.

The data rate is speedy enough for the user's satisfaction, and it can reach up to 150mbps with no interruption. Another great thing about this product is that it will provide you with the necessary security and safety. It has a firewall with SPI that will help you to protect from any internal host or hackers attack. You can safely enjoy your internet connection.


  • Speedy internet connection
  • High-speed data rates
  • Boosts 3G features
  • Protection with firewall


  • A lot of people find difficulties using the product.


Bearifi Bearextender Outdoor Ac 802.11ac High Power Usb Wifi Extender Antenna

Bearifi Bearextender Outdoor Ac

The next product we have for you is a versatile and much-designed product. That is the Bearifi BearExtender Outdoor AC 802.11ac High Power USB WiFi Extender Antenna. It is another product which will promise you to provide you with the highest range for signal and speedy connection, and they will keep the promise as well.

You are going to be high benefitted by this product if you are an RV user, but if you need it, you can also make it useful on your ship or marine purpose. The extender works by extending the signal connecting to the PC. With the help of a PC, you will have a secure connection set up. Or, in another case, you can also use it with a USB cable. The best thing about this product is that it works the best with its long-range antenna for WiFi. It will be able to capture the signal from a long distance without any problem.

The antenna is a 10 dB directional one that has a 16-feet long USB cable. The USB cable is integrated with a premium shield. With this long USB cable, you can take your connection to a long distance and enjoy your internet with no lagging. The cable will make everything more convenient and more comfortable for you as you can get the power from the PC. That being said, you can already understand that you will not need any extra power supply or any AC outlet use.

The whole product is very well-made. Everything is coated with protection that will save the product from dust and water. It is also made to be resistant to UV rays and any type of corrosion. As for the installation, the mounting of this product is way to easy. You will be getting three mounting choices. They include- Velcro mounting straps, detachable tabletop tripod, and easy to adjust metal pole mounting band. You will not need any drilling. But the biggest problem with this is that the product will not be suitable for android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows RT tablets.


  • Works using a PC
  • Has long cable
  • Does not need an extra power supply
  • Durable and strongly made
  • Resistant to water, dust, UV rays, and corrosion


  • Does not support androids, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows RT tablets

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best RV Wifi Booster

Camping is full of fun and everything. It will definitely take away your mind from the daily things you will do. As much as you want to stay away from all the modern activities and stay close to nature, during the long camping session, you could definitely use some of the internet connection.

The only problem purchasing a WiFi booster is finding the perfect product that will give you the seamless supply of the internet is a little bit tough. Well, you should have it easy as we have already suggested the top five choices of WiFi booster for the RV users. But before you set to choose the product, we will ask you to consider the few things that we are going to mention to you so that you will manage to get the best of the best product.

Best RV Wifi Booster


The first thing you should be considering is how much internet speed you will have. Nothing is more annoying and frustrating than a slow internet connection. There is no reason for you to set thousands of minutes by wearing out your patience to get access to a site. But if you have a high-speed supplier, you will find life more manageable. That is why when purchasing the booster, you will give your utmost attention to getting the best speed you can manage within your budget.



The next thing you should be considering is the feature the product is going to offer you. There are many features you can get through a WiFi booster. Some of them are necessary, and some of them can be left out. So, you need to see which features are essential for you. All the features that will boost your internet speed, you should consider first. But if you can manage to get all the convenient options added to your product. In this way, you will be able to have the best connection when being in a remote area.


Safe and Security

The next thing you should be considering and being cautious about is the security and safety the product will provide you with. Unfortunately, with this internet connection, many hackers and intruders will try to disturb your ways and make things hard for you. If you do not want to deal with any of this, then look for a booster that has security and protection features. With the protection, you can be safe when using your internet at high speed.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Best RV Wifi Booster


Does Rv Wifi Booster Need an Extra Power Supply?

Some of them do, while others will not need any power supply, and you can use it by the power of your PC or mobile device.


Is There Any Difference Between an Rv and a House Wifi Booster?

There isn't much difference except for some changes in the design to adapt the outside and on-road conditions.


That was all from us on the guideline of the best RV WiFi booster. As for the very last thing, we would like to mention to you that the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Long Range WiFi Repeater RV kit is definitely our best and most favorite choice. But we only hope that you will be benefitted by all the information we have gathered together and find your best product from this list.

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