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Owning an RV requires a lot of responsibility and cautiousness to maintain it up and running for your journeys and travels with it. Especially during the cold season, the RV has a very good plumbing system but the whole system can fail if the pipes freeze up during low-temperature levels.

But every problem has a solution if you carefully analyze it. The best way to ensure your pipes don't freeze out is by the active use of the best RV antifreeze available in the market. The antifreeze for RVs has been designed to help the pipes not burst but maintain their normal forms effectively.

The antifreeze liquid actively changes the boiling point and freezing point of water hence the pipes do not freeze in turn. And to be able to ensure that the work is appropriately you must ensure that you use the best RV antifreeze since replacing a whole system can really cost you a lot you did not intend to spend.

Choosing the most beneficial one can be much of a hassle if you are not equipped with mere knowledge about them. Here are some of the best RV antifreeze you might want to consider before blindly purchasing one you do not require.

Best RV Antifreeze List


Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate

The Camco Antifreeze Concentrate is a very convenient antifreeze to consider as you start your journey in the world of RVs. It has been effortlessly described by many people to see your pipes and plumbing system efficiently through winter effectively.

What most people do not realize is what is really at stake, if you do not employ the use of a sufficient antifreeze such as Camco antifreeze, you may have to replace the whole plumbing system plus incur other expenses since it actively prevents the plumbing system at extreme cases where the temperature is as low as forty-five degrees Fahrenheit and slightly more.

The antifreeze is highly recommended since it also leaves the tubes safe and better as they were found since it has been manufactured to industriously lack toxic chemicals that may remain on the piping tubes.

When buying such a chemical, the essential factor to always consider is safety since you never know who might mistakenly ingest it; that's why this antifreeze has been smartly made safe for your pets or children. 


  • It is conveniently biodegradable.
  • It comes as a solution that is concentrated. 


  • It requires one to use immediately after purchase.


Star Bright Anti-freeze

The star bright antifreeze conveniently comes in a six-gallon pack that you can use each at your convenience when winter comes. Unlike other types of antifreeze, the Star bright antifreeze does not require to be used with additional supplements such as water; hence it is independently used.

The antifreeze not only helps protect the RV piping system from freezing and, in turn, bursting but also effectively prevents the pipes from wasting out over time. The antifreeze actively stays valid for an extended period as long as it is not open, thereby you can purchase in bulk.

It is highly recommended that you use the antifreeze, especially if you have a large RV so that you can effectively use the whole pack of antifreeze when you purchase since the small RVs will not require that much.

It conveniently supports the pipes up to temperatures that are as low as negative forty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it does not contain any alcoholic or toxic ingredients in it. It has also been designed to be plastic-safe and also stable with other fragile materials such as rubber. 


  • It is used right away without adding water.
  • It is safely compatible with plastic made pipes. 


  • It is unsuitable for smaller RVs since they use way less antifreeze.


Zecol Antifreeze

The Zecol antifreeze, unlike other types of antifreeze, is the most environment-friendly antifreeze that you will find in the market. The antifreeze is highly recommendable, especially if you have a small RV since it helps you focus on maintaining your small budget since one gallon is enough.

The antifreeze is very easy to use since it has been designed in an efficiently made bottle to help you use its contents. It does not require you to mix with water; hence you can use it independently.

When temperatures even drop to more than negative forty degrees, this antifreeze will still adequately protect your pipes from bursting, and your plumbing system is again running normally.

If by chance, you still have the antifreeze after winterizing your RV, the antifreeze can also be effectively used in boats and pools; thereby, it does not go to waste and saves you from buying another antifreeze for them.


  • It is designed to contain no toxic substances.
  • It is environmental-friendly. 


  • It is expensive to start with since it will require many gallons if it is being used for the first time.


Camco Mfg. 30757 RV Antifreeze

The Camco Mfg antifreeze is incredibly reliable for you; unlike other antifreeze, it has been smartly made to prevent any foul smell and taste on the water when it runs in the pipes afterward. The antifreeze is safe since it contains no toxic additives in it, thereby very safe.

During the winter season, this antifreeze will help you to not only protect the tubes and pipes of your plumbing system but also ensure that at low temperatures, your water, and other essential fluids are running effectively without getting frozen.

Most people who own RVs know how hard it is to detect a leak in the pipes since it is hard to see, but this antifreeze has an excellent coloring feature that enables you to know when a tube has a hole, which allows you to fix it with immediate effect.

The antifreeze is also convenient since it does not need to be mixed with any other fluid when winterizing your RV. Moreover, it is also convenient cause it helps the tube stay in good condition and prevent corrosion and the growth of mold and algae on them.


  • It is effectively odorless, and the pipes retain their freshness.
  • You can use it in other vehicles, not only RVs.


  • It has an inconvenient packaging style that causes a minor leak but can be changed.


Century Chemical TF1 Transfer Fluid.

When staying in your RV during the winter season, your plumbing system must not fail you, especially not at that moment. Therefore, you require the most reliable antifreeze to ensure you have a comfortable time in the RV. And that antifreeze is the Century Chemical transfer fluid. You will not regret using it at any point.

Since antifreeze goes through your water pipes, it is imperative to consider how safe the antifreeze as it mixes with your drinking or bathing water. This antifreeze has been expertly made to be safe and will not interfere with your well being in any way.

The antifreeze also enhances the pipes and stops any corrosion from arising in the pipes hence saves you on the cost of pipes replacement. Furthermore, it has been manufactured with very low toxic supplemental as well.

Most people would agree that most types of antifreeze change the pH of water later on, which is harmful to your health. But this antifreeze has a pH inhabitant feature that enables it to retain the pH of water effectively.


  • It can be stored anywhere without causing a fire.
  • It is reliable to withhold a wide range of temperature changes. 


  • It is not compatible with other types of antifreeze.

Tips to purchase the Best RV Antifreeze

Extremely cold weather may be a safety hazard for your plumbing system. It may result in your piping and plumbing system freezing up and breaking, thereby causing flooding in your home!

This therefore means that you will have to spend quite a lot of money in doing repairs, especially on your piping system. But as they always say, prevention is a better option than cure.

Did you know that there is a solution to this problem? If not, then join us as we take you through some of the steps you have to take to ensure that your plumbing system is prepared for a winter season.

RV antifreeze is among the best mechanisms you can employ to ensure you protect your plumbing system at low costs. Basically, an RV antifreeze refers to a liquid solution whose role is to deter freezing of your RV water pipes due to very low temperatures.

There is actually a difference between RV antifreeze and a normal automobile antifreeze, a fact that you must understand if you are not an expert in this field. Likewise, there are several types of RV antifreeze, and thus it may be challenging if you want to buy one.

Here are is what you should look for if you want to purchase an RV antifreeze.

The type of the RV antifreeze 

It is a common rule of thumb that not all products are usually manufactured in a like manner. Often, you will find some that are more advantageous to you as a user than others.

The same applies when it comes to RV. As we have already pointed out, there are several types of this product which is a potential problem when it comes to purchasing a suitable one.

Put differently, there are 3 types of RV antifreeze, each having its unique pros and cons. It is therefore up to you as a potential owner to understand the features of each type then make an informed decision.

We have done a review that will help you to understand the key elements of each of these products.

Ethanol (alcohol) based antifreeze

This is a common type that can never go missing in any hardware store or RV shop. Selling at a price of about $4.00 to 6.00 per jug, its cheapness cannot be gainsaid. It may actually catch attract your eyes at first.

But it is common knowledge that good things are always more expensive than other sub-standard products. This is not to mean that an ethanol based antifreeze is bad from the word go. It has its advantages and disadvantages that are worthy to note.

To begin with, such products are very flammable and it therefore means you have to implement some safety precautions if you are to purchase it. This includes making sure that you do not use it around any kind of pilot flames or even cigarettes.

This type of antifreeze is also commonly known for its tendency to harm some RV plumbing system, and you should warn yourself of this fact if you are purchasing the product.

Following the fact that the product depends on alcohol, it may also dry out rubber seals that are located in your toilet and faucets. Furthermore, your water may have a bad smell and taste.

Given that the disadvantages of this product outweigh its potential advantages, you may want to explore other available options before purchasing it. Who knows, you may find another type that you will actually prefer.

Propylene Glycol based RV antifreeze

Unlike the ethanol based antifreeze, this product may be quite difficult to come across as it will not be available in all your local RV shops. What are the potential reasons? It may actually be because it is the product that many buyers prefer.

This therefore means that its demand is a bit higher than the number that may be available for purchase. Why is it more popular? For you information, it actually sells at a higher price of about $7.00 to $9.00 per jug!

That may be a pointer towards its quality features. For starters, it is not a safety hazard as it is not flammable. Additionally, this type is non-toxic and thus suitable for any sort of RV plumbing.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing advantages of this type of antifreeze is the fact that it has multipurpose features. Besides protecting your plumbing system from freezing, it also serves as a lubricant, consequently enhancing the life-span of seals in your faucets.

A blend of propylene/ethanol antifreeze

For those people who want a taste of the propylene based as well as the ethanol based antifreeze, this is the best option as it combines the two. The product sells at a price of about $6.00 to $7.00 per jug.

On the brighter side, it is not toxic and therefore offers a wide variety of options when it comes to using it for RV plumbing system. Therefore, unlike the purely ethanol based antifreeze, it is a good choice.

The main downside however relates to the risk of tainting your RV plumbing system, or drying out those seals. There is uncertainty regarding the amount of ethanol required for this problems to occur.

This therefore means you may have to think twice before purchasing this type, as there is no guarantee that it will actually protect your plumbing system. As we said, you should consider all these factors then settle for the best.

Temperature rating

Depending on your area of residence, the temperature rating of the antifreeze will serve a vital role. Why is this the case? Various types of RV antifreeze come with different temperature rating.

You therefore have to consider how cold the temperatures can get to if you are to purchase a more effective product. Under normal circumstances, most of the products have a rating of about -20 degrees or -50 degrees.

This is unlikely to help if you are situated in colder environments. You therefore have to find a product with advanced temperature ratings, perhaps -100 degrees or thereabout.

Difference between a normal automobile antifreeze and RV antifreeze

There is a big difference when it come to the two. The main distinguishing feature is that a normal automobile anti-freeze is toxic while the RV antifreeze is a non-toxic liquid substance that mostly comes in pink or blue colors.

As a result, the automotive one is only suitable for use inside your automobile engine. RV will in most cases be used to protect the plumbing and piping systems.

Therefore, you should be aware of this essential point whenever you are on your buying expedition lest you purchase the wrong antifreeze.

How an antifreeze works

It may be that you have a fridge or you don’t. Personally, I do not own a fridge but I know for a fact that when temperature drops, water is likely to freeze as well. This is common knowledge that lies in the public notoriety.

The logic of a fridge applies with plumbing system, the only difference this time being that a drop in temperature is triggered by change in environmental conditions. Therefore, the role of an antifreeze is to guard against such occurrences.

Basically, an antifreeze pumps into your plumbing system and help in raising the freezing point of water below the known values. Consequently, even if temperatures drop extremely, your water pipes will be prevented from freezing and ultimately breaking.

However, the protection offered is determined by the temperature rating of your antifreeze. Here is a quick illustration: if it has a temperature rating of let’s say -30 degrees, it means your plumbing system will only be protected up to -30 degrees.

In the unlikely event that temperatures drop below the rating of your antifreeze, it will freeze and form a slush-like substance that will deter any bursting or damages happening to your pipes.

Is it a good thing to dilute your RV antifreeze?

It is absolutely not! Why would you even want to dilute your antifreeze? It was prepared the way it was for a given reason. That will therefore be tampering with the effectiveness of the antifreeze.

Mixing the RV antifreeze with water will affect the freezing temperature that has been affixed, posing a threat to your plumbing and piping system. You should thus avoid such temptations.

Is an antifreeze the only way to winterize your RV?

The answer is no. you can utilize other means such as a compressed air method to prevent the bursting of your water pipes. However, this will only be possible if the temperature does drop extremely in your area of residence.

However, if you reside in areas that experience bad winter this is not the way to go. This is because the best a compressed air method can do is to put out every drop of water that comes from the piping system.

Therefore, you have no reason not to use an RV antifreeze. It always better safe than sorry. In any case, it costs cheaper than your plumbing system.

How safe it is to consume RV antifreeze 

The fact that RV antifreeze is non-toxic cannot be gainsaid. Does this therefore mean that you can consume the product?

No! If you have used the pink substance for your water supply system, you are advised not to drink that water.


Always ensure that your anti-freeze is properly sealed. This will be very important if you want to reuse the extra that remains for next time’s winter.
Fact is, the basic life-span of an antifreeze is2 to 5 years if it is properly sealed. However, this may vary with different manufacturers. 


The plumbing system on your RV is a small but very vital part of your RV that, if not well taken care of during the winter, might cost you a lot that you did not intend on spending plus take away your comfort in the RV adventures. And finding the best RV antifreeze can be challenging to choose since you need the best. The RV antifreeze that I would therefore recommend is the Camco RV concentrate to be the best antifreeze to go for.

This is because the antifreeze ensures both the pipes and water are very well protected since the antifreeze helps prevent the pipes from freezing at very low temperatures and does not interfere with the water as well since it does not contain any toxic substances.

It is also effectively modified to be biodegradable; thereby, it is environmentally friendly. The antifreeze also comes with a bottle that is designed to help you mix effortlessly and has also been made to come as a concentrated solution which you mix with fresh water to use.

This antifreeze will not disappoint you after you purchase it to ensure the protection of your RV plumbing system during the winter season, thus ensure you carefully analyze the features of the antifreeze and understand what suits you best.

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