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Whenever you’re driving around the country, you know that you can use Google Maps and other tools to provide some GPS to your travels. Unfortunately, this is often not a good enough solution, and that’s because RV’s are much larger and most GPS devices aren’t necessarily equipped to be used on larger vehicles like that. Therefore, you may want to get a GPS but you want to make sure that you get the best one for your RV. With the newer technology, there are dedicated GPS outfits that are specifically made for RV’s so you can always find the one that’s guaranteed to suit your needs.

How Does a RV GPS Differ from Regular Units?

Your RV GPS can be programmed a lot easier, so that it reflects with the RV’s weight as well as how big it is. You can also make sure that it can keep you from crossing low bridges and overpasses, this way you can plan your route without having to worry about pitfalls and detours down the road since your RV is going to be much higher. You can even include certain recreational points and tourism points that you want to make pit stops to along the way with an RV GPS. This can help you find the right campsites that provide hookups you might need so you’re not left hoofing it without water or power when you stop at a campground location. If you’re wanting to buy the best RV GPS, we’ve compromised an extensive top ten list that can help you achieve your goals and become a real road warrior!

The Best RV GPS Units On the Market


Garmin RV 660LMT

While it’s one of the oldest products on the list, and is somewhat considered to be outdated, This Garmin unit is one of the best out there. It allows fully customizable route mapping and this helps you ensure that you don’t have any snags along the way. While you can do what other GPS systems do, you can even add the actual weight and size of your RV in order to help create the best route possible for you. RV’s can’t often get under certain bridges and overpasses, so this is one of the ways to make sure that safety is met. It even features special warnings on the road so you can avoid sharper turns, bridges that won’t support the vehicle’s weight or height, and even help you avoid steep hills that may be dangerous to drive on.


  • Fully customizable routing helps you modify anything you want.
  • You can use the weight and size of the RV in order to customize further.
  • Can use filters that allow you to find the right campgrounds for your needs.
  • Warns you of any road hazards for safety that may be in your path.


  • The only real con of this GPS is that it doesn’t come with a cord for the traffic receiver (this can be purchased separately).


Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S

Garmin does it again with their RV-770 NA LMT-S model. It has the highest and most reviews on being one of the best RV GPS’s out there. Part of this is because it combines numerous systems into one, but it also has a lot of extra bells and whistles that make it even more worth it for a reasonable price. Another great thing is that you can connect this with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can also use it with a wireless backup camera which makes it even safer. You can also search for places with FourSquare and TripAdvisor so you can go everywhere that you want to go (and pit stop at), and only those places if need be. Just like the 660, you can put in your RV’s height and weight, and this can help warn you just like the previous model. It’s also a great way to avoid toll bridges and has traffic road warnings that it can provide (jam-ups, accidents, etc.). Everything’s also easy to see on its almost 7-inch display.


  • Has a lot of features along with the 660 (but not all of them).
  • Extremely affordable considering you get so many features packed into it.
  • Allows you to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.
  • Has a large 6.95” display that makes things more visible.
  • Customization of routes can be done (including being based on the size of your RV).


  • Doesn’t have the address book to save locations.


Garmin 760LMT Portable

Garmin’s 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator is one of the best ones on the market as well (if you recognize the pattern, Garmin is the industry leader when it comes to GPS units). You can put your route in, and get on the ball with your trip. You can customize it just like the others, and while it can help you get to RV-ready locations, you may end up getting into some crowded areas. However, it updates you frequently with any road warnings that you may need to keep you and your family safe. It also lets you know when you cross a state boundary, which can be nice for those keeping track. All of these features on a large 7-inch screen make it an affordable GPS solution that you can even use voice commands with (it also uses Bluetooth technology).


  • Allows you to customize your route with extensive features.
  • Has an already built-in list of locations that you can park your RV at.
  • You get unlimited map and traffic updates for free (for the lifetime of the unit).
  • Provides numerous alert options to warn you of hazardous road conditions and state-to-state travel.
  • Uses Bluetooth technology, and also allows you to navigate using voice commands.


  • This device does have the tendency to take you to heavily populated areas, or it can lead you through busy routes where you may otherwise want to avoid them.


Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S Dedicated

This product is one of Garmin’s other good RV GPS navigators. It offers specific features that allow you to dedicate the GPS to your RV and it allows you to navigate anywhere with advanced navigation capabilities. This model allows you to also use a mobile app that links to it so you can have quick access to traffic information and weather on your travels. You have numerous hands-free options too, and it even allows you to use Bluetooth calling, and navigate with voice commands. This also has an RV travel directory so you can find friendly campsites and RV parks. You can filter searches on this one and customize it to your needs so you can make it to the right campgrounds that have amenities you may want.


  • This GPS allows you to get guidance no matter where you wish to go.
  • Has a dedicated mini-advanced navigation functionality that is unique to this model.
  • Has the ability to send road hazard warnings and traffic updates.
  • Can download the mobile app to sync with it so you can link it to smartphones for the ultimate hands-free experience.
  • Bluetooth ready and can even make phone calls through Bluetooth with it.


  • This model has a very small USB cable compared to most people’s likings.


TomTom VIA 1605M RV

TomTom has been making GPS units for many different uses for years, and this one is dedicated for RV’s and larger vehicles. If you’re wanting a TomTom, then you can get this one and be satisfied. It has lifetime updates like the Garmins, and automatically changes the map every time that you change roads (even though some people find this annoying). This one doesn’t just cover the United States either – it even has dedicated maps covering the entire Northern American continent (U.S., Canada, and even Mexico) and has special map sharing technology that provides specially made IQ routes calculations. You have a nice screen that allows you to see two separate views at once as well.


  • Unlimited updates help to provide real-time travel solutions.
  • Large screen display allows you to view it with split-screen capabilities.
  • Very easy to operate and offers the ability to have a safe and smooth ride at all times.
  • Shows local companies, stores, and more near you.


  • No Bluetooth technology so you can’t use voice commands.


​Garmin 760LMT with Wireless Backup Cam

The additional Garmin 760LMT GPS unit has numerous equipment features compared to other models. At the same time, it comes with a wireless backup camera to help enable safe reversal and always keep you and your family safe. It’s a high resolution touch screen display that is easy to use and see everything. If you want, you can get constant updates to lifetime maps as well. One great thing is that Garmin features its customizable routing in – simply put in the dimensions of your RV and you can get routing optimized for it. The only downside is that installation isn’t the easiest, but once it’s installed, it’s well worth it.


  • ​Numerous popular Garmin features available.
  • Has a 7-inch display that shows everything in a high resolution.
  • Lifetime unlimited map updates as with many Garmin products.
  • Create customizable routes based on your RV’s size.
  • The wireless backup camera is an added bonus for additional safety.


  • It is harder to install, so you may want to hire a pro to come install it for you.


​Rand McNally TND530 Semi-Truck GPS

Another great GPS system that’s on the market, but this time it’s not made by Garmin or TomTom. Rand McNally is a very popular choice for many trucker, and it’s because it has a user interface that allows you to update the software regularly to help provide a high quality travel experience, and give you some additional safety at the same time. This GPS system is also made to give you warnings and alerts in real-time, and can even tell you about speed limits, sharp corners and curves, areas you can park at, and even when you change time zone. It can even go the lengths to provide updates to let you know where you can find places to eat, as well as give you the best amenities in the area. You can use the contact search feature to help you find your place of interest (business or residence) easily and quickly. The size of the screen is a little harder to read than some of the ones we previously mentioned though.


  • ​Runs very fast and smooth with exceptional processing power.
  • Has a very easy to use interface.
  • You can lock routes in while
  • figuring up how much you’ll trip will cost.
  • This system allows you to mechanically search for areas of interest during your travels.


  • Many people complain about how tiny the screen’s details are.


​Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD

This Garmin system is another great piece that provides exceptional features that a true pro can use on their travels. Of course, it features Garmin’s customizable routing depending on the size and even the weight of the RV you’re driving. This works well because you can avoid all of those mishaps that are often caused by going into conditions and underpasses or toll bridges that could be avoided. Another thing that many truckers like about this system is that you can see areas that are highly rated by other truckers and RV drivers everywhere. You can log literally everything such as fuel usage, how many hours of service before being serviced you’re driving, and even log track maintenance. It helps you also by sending warnings about anonymous statistics as well. It does cost quite a bit more than other systems though – which is why it’s a number 8 in our book.


  • ​Has amazing real-time lifetime unlimited map updates (as with almost all Garmin products)
  • You can customize routing that is tailored to the size and specs of your RV itself.
  • Displays locations of popular truck stops and areas based on what you prefer.
  • This system has extensive logging (which is why it’s widely used in the trucking industry).
  • It has a wide variety of warnings that it can deliver upon hazards and other crucially important times


  • This GPS unit is one of the most high-priced model since it has so many logging capabilities and features.


​Rand McNally’s 528013076 Intelliroute TND Tablet

Rand McNally’s 528013076 Intelliroute tablet is a very awesome TND tablet. If you want a Rand McNally RV GPS system, this is also a popular choice because it is both an Android tablet, but it includes the RandMcNally software on it for a great 8-inch wide GPS screen. This means that you have more visibility since the screen is bigger, and it comes with a plethora of bonus features in the software, such as fuel management, trip budgeting, and much more. It even doubles as a dash camera during your drive, which is also gaining more and more popularity. Because you can literally use it for everything from load matching to document scanning, we couldn’t help but put it on the list. Some users don’t like having all of the advanced features and complain that it’s not as easy as other systems to use.


  • ​Android functionality makes it a dual-use tablet and GPS system combined.
  • Large 8-inch screen is easier to read than many other systems.
  • Has a ton of apps already installed to help manage your travels easier.
  • You can literally manage your entire RV system while using this one.
  • Also has a bonus dash cam feature making this an all-in-one solution for RVs.


  • All of this functionality makes it a little more difficult to use than other systems out there.


​Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM

Even though this is only number 10 on our list, it’s no terrible option. This GPS system made by Magellan is the RoadMate RV9145, and there’s a reason why it is so helpful. Despite it not being a Garmin, you get free lifetime map updates – which you can update by connecting it to the internet. On average, the maps update twice a year, and the fact that you can use it and program it using a PC and a Mac make it very universal. It does have a 7-inch touch screen which makes it pretty easy to use. Like the Garmins, it features a special customizability option that lets you add favorite places and help you save your searches while you’re traveling. You can mount it extremely easily, and it even has Bluetooth technology integrated into its processor so you can use it to make phone calls with hands-free abilities. When you customize your route, you can also shape them according to your RV size, weight, and more. The only real downside to it is that it doesn’t have a very high batter life, so it practically requires constant charging or remaining plugged into an outlet.


  • ​Allows two map updates every year completely free for life.
  • It can be used with both a Windows and a Mac computer.
  • Has a handy touch screen that is 7-inches long, providing plenty of visibility.
  • This GPS is one of the easiest to install into an RV with a fully adjustable extension mount.
  • Has numerous campground spots and RV parks that you can choose from for your destination and get alerts for.


  • Having a lower battery life than others takes its toll on the rating in our guide. It’s important to have a high battery life, but if you’re looking for a great and affordable system, and can plug it in constantly, then this one is definitely a good choice.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying the Best RV GPS

As mentioned above, we based our ratings on numerous different factors that are all very important when choosing an RV GPS. The price isn’t the only thing that you want to consider, even though there are people who choose to do this. Therefore, the key considerations you want to take in when looking for the best RV GPS are:

How Big the Screen Is

You want to have a screen that is easy to read and operate. Some screens are too small if they’re not optimized for RV’s and you don’t want that.

Is it Portable?

Portability is a very important factor. Depending on how often you travel, and whether you can connect it to your computer or not, you want it to be very portable so you can take it anywhere for programming.

How Do You Control It?

Are the controls easy? Or are they hard. If you have to spend a lot of extra time as some of the ones listed above to learn the controls, this can cause more trouble than you need. However, if you fancy that sort of thing, you want extensive controls – just make sure that they’re easy for you.

How Easy Can it be Installed?

Installation needs to be easy and goes hand in hand with portability. You don’t want to have to completely disassemble mounting every time you go on a trip. At the same time, you don’t want to have to make too many modifications to the dash of your RV either.

Do You Travel a Lot?

How often do you travel? This is a very important question, because the more you travel, the more you’re going to want programmed spots and locations to be readily available in your GPS system without having to do too much customized programming yourself for efficiency.

Does it Have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connectivity?

Texting and talking on the phone while driving a larger vehicle is very bad for you, your loved ones, and everyone else on the road. It’s important to have hands-free capabilities and therefore, you’ll more than likely want one with at least Bluetooth functionality if you’re wanting any bit of hands free.

What About Logging Features?

If you’re a professional traveler, you may want to log some additional information. There are actually quite a few bloggers out there who travel and need to do so. If you have advanced logging and tracking features, this can help with details greatly.


While the Garmin RV 660LMT is the top choice on our list, you may want more options to choose from. Either way, if you choose from these ten systems, you can’t go wrong. All of them that are on this list are extremely portable, and in our opinion, one of the best choices when it comes to finding the best GPS for your RV experience. Happy travels!

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