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KING OA8300 Jack Replacement Head HDTV 

KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Antenna

Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV Antenna

Going for a vacation is a break from your regular schedule and is therapeutic. It helps you to relax and figure things out more clearly. However, while you are away, you may still want to continue watching any form of entertainment that usually keeps you glued to your screen.

I wouldn’t want to miss out. That is why getting a TV antenna for your RV is a good idea. There is a variety of them in the market for you to choose from. And depending on the function, it could either be an antenna for the outdoors or indoors.

Anyway, there is no need for you to be worried or confused as I will look into them shortly. It will put you in a better position to make a wise decision. There are also factors that you need to put in mind as you get one of these.

For instance, will it give you a good signal for you to watch your show as if you were in your living room? Is it within your budget? Well, there are more considerations that I will take you through later. But to make your hunt easier, below are five RV TV Antennas that I highly propose that you go through during your free time. 

Best RV TV Antenna List


KING OA8300 Jack Replacement Head HDTV Antenna

What I love about this antenna is that its installation is just a walk in the park. Therefore, unlike others in the market, which might take hours before you can use it, this one is effortless to install.
How about its signal? It may please you to know that this antenna features an enhanced UHF signal reception, which I might say is very commendable. And the more you increase its response, the more the channels you are likely to watch.

Thus, whether it is a VHF or a DTV channel, you are good to go. Since you are going to carry it around, the size should be a crucial factor to consider. The good news, however, is that it is smaller than the initial batch to hit the market.

It also comes with a smooth surface, which is very attractive. And as if all that is not enough, you can improve it to digital HD. Moreover, it gifts your RV with universal brackets. 


  • Features a better UHF signal
  • reception
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with brackets for the RV
  • Attractive
  • Enables an upgrade to digital HD
  • Perfect for both DTV and VHF channelsSmall


  • Its stability is questionable


KING OA8500 Jack HDTV Antenna

The fascinating thing about this antenna is that its shape minimizes drag when in air. And we all know how wind affects the signal regardless of the quality of the antenna. It means that you can rely on it to watch your shows without disconnections.

Just like the one above, it also comes with simple instructions for its installation, which will ensure that you do not get a hard time. Are you concerned about its size? It is compact to fit in smaller spaces as possible.

As for its signal, it is high and goes for a more extended range, since it uses high technology. It will ensure that you have many channels to choose from. Its knob, on the inner side, can revolve to three hundred and sixty degrees to give you the best coverage.

And if you are a fan of local channels, it comes with a Signal Finder to ensure that it is taken care of. Does it have a warranty? Yes, it does. It comes with a guarantee of four years, which should enable you to gauge its functionality. It is also durable.


  • Has a warranty
  • Uses high technology
  • Its installation is easy
  • It is aerodynamic
  • Small
  • This package comes with a Signal
  • Finder
  • Durable


  • Lacks a roof mounting plate


Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV Antenna

Apart from KING, Winegard is also another company to consider when it comes to antennas for the RV. For this antenna, its signal is perfect for both UHF and VHF channels. It also covers a range exceeding fifty-five miles.

It is because it uses the Sensar II and the improved UHF antennas, which has gone through a lot of enhancement over the years to give the best possible. This antenna also features a hand shaft on the RV’s inner side, which enables you to either lift or even rotate it as you see fit.

What about its installation? It comes with instructions that are very easy to follow, and that will not strain you in any way. All you have to do is stick to them, and you will have it working in no time.

However, it comes with a short mount. Therefore, if you want a longer one, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. Some parts are also made of plastic, which makes it less durable over time. Regarding the environment, its use is harmless.


  • Suitable for UHF and VHF channels
  • Covers a long-range
  • Has a hand shaft for you to either lower, raise or rotate it
  • Its installation is quick


  • The mast tubes are short
  • It may not last long


Winegard SK-SWM3 DIRECTV Satellite System

A unique feature of this antenna is that it gets along with DIRECTV HD programming. It means that you can put the meter and compass that you usually depend on for signals away, or even throw them if you wish since they won’t be necessary anymore. Your hand can also rest from always rotating the antenna in search of a better signal.

What about its size? The dish is massive and of great weight. However, once you put it up, you can start using it immediately. It has been attested by reflectors and confirmed to give reliable signals. It is also omnidirectional to view all the DIRECTV satellites, that includes 103, 101, and 99 satellites.

Its installation may require the intervention of a professional in this field. It doesn’t mean that you won’t manage it, but it may take longer than you are expecting. But if you are patient, you could save up that extra cost unless it is free of charge.


  • It is perfect for DIRECTV HD programming
  • Enables you to enjoy a variety of channels
  • It gives reliable signals
  • You can start using it as soon as you set it up


  • It doesn’t come with a DIRECT HD receiver
  • Its installation is hectic
  • It is enormous and heavy


KING VQ4500 Tailgater Satellite TV Antenna

Are you looking for an outdoor antenna? Then this one from KING could work for you. It has no limits and therefore, you can use it wherever and whenever you like it. In addition to the local channels, you can catch your favorite programs so long as you adhere to the costs.

It is easy to put up and weighs approximately eight pounds, which is not very heavy and still enables you to take it from place to place as you like. And if you are worried that you may have to get brackets for mounting, it may please you to know that there won’t be any need for that.

However, if you want to program in HD, you will have to buy a DISH HD receiver on your own. It also gives signals for 101 satellite channels like most antennas. Therefore, if your favorite channel is on the 119 satellite or any other, you may have to get a UC1000 Universal Controller. 


  • Effortless to install
  • You can carry it around and use it anywhere
  • It doesn’t require brackets during mounting


  • It is only suitable for 101 satellite channels
  • It does not cater for HD programming

Purchase Guide

Getting a TV antenna for your RV is a perfect way to have your living room away from home. It also ensures that you do not miss out on your favorite shows, regardless of where you are. You could even watch as you travel.

However, there are several antennas out there, which could pose some confusion as you try to select the one that suits you. They all come with different features, which we shall look into shortly.

They include durability, stability, size, type of antenna, range coverage, price, and many more. And without wasting precious time, let’s cut right into it.


It is about the material which it is made from. The sturdier it is, the more you will use it longer. Usually, most antennas are made from plastic or aluminum. The aluminum one will last longer.

If you stay in a windy area or intend to travel to such a place while using your antenna, it may be a good idea to avoid the plastic ones. You also need to keep in mind that the more robust the materials, the more expensive it is likely to be.

However, some manufacturers make different parts of different materials. For instance, the gears could be the only parts with plastic. That may be a little confusing. You could compare it with the rest in the market before concluding. Just ensure that you choose one with the best material in your capacity.

Size and weight

Some antennas are smaller, while others are big. For your home, a huge and heavy antenna won’t matter. It is because you do not have to carry it to any other place. But if you want it to be your source of entertainment as you travel, you may have to consider a small one and light in weight.

However, if it is too light, it is not likely to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Your favorite channels

What is your all-time channel? Is it a UHF or a VHF channel? Some antennas only give coverage for either of the types of channels. As for others, you can watch any channel wherever you go.

It is, therefore, important to find out if the antenna has got you covered on what you need while you are away. Most of them provide signals for channels on the 101 satellite. But if you want other channels from the 119 satellite, for instance, you may have to buy a universal controller or an antennae booster depending on the antenna you choose.

Range Coverage

How far is the antenna’s range? Some cover so wide, while others cover a minimal range. It is, therefore, an important factor to consider. It is because depending on the one you choose, you will be able to either watch a variety of channels or just a few of them.

This feature also includes the number of satellites that it can receive signals from. For example, for one of the antennas that I recommended, you could get signals from the 103, 101, and 99 satellites.

For another, it could only get signals from the 101 satellite, which is common among antennas. Therefore, ensure that you know what you want, which is the channel that you are looking forward to watching, and the satellite that should give the signal.

You can also find out from the seller, who should have no problem explaining the details.


Installing an antenna could either be simple or hard. It could take as little as twenty-five to thirty minutes to as much as one hour. You might even fail to set it up at the end of it all. However, most of them come with a manual of directions, that if you simply adhere to, you are likely to have ample time.

But that is not a guarantee. There might be some complicated words used for someone with very little knowledge of them. You could also follow every instruction and still end up having to contact the seller or pay someone else to do it.

And who likes to spend more on things they could have simply done by themselves and were made to believe was possible? No one! It might, therefore, be a good idea to go through other customers’ reviews to find out about their experience.

If most of them vouch for it, the chances are high that you won’t have a hard time either. But there is always that little percentage that it might still be difficult for you.

Type of antenna

As I had mentioned earlier, there are two types of antennas for you to choose from. It could either be an indoor or outdoor one. But what is their difference? For the indoor antenna, the coverage is likely to be shorter because you do not carry it around.

Most of them are also light since their portability is not likely to be considered. With the outdoor ones, the weight is considerably great even though it covers a wide range. Therefore, as you go out there, you should know the antenna you want and why you prefer it over the other.


The antenna’s stability is very crucial. It is whether it is aerodynamic or not. And what does it mean? It has a shape that minimizes drag when in air. If an antenna is not aerodynamic, it can easily lose signals, especially when there are severe weather conditions like wind or rain.

It is, therefore, a good idea to consider a stable one. But if you are sure about the weather during the time you will be using it; it is no big deal.


How much will it cost you to get the antenna that you like? They all come at different prices, depending on factors such as the company making it. For instance, if the company is well known for manufacturing antennas and other products that are related, they are likely to sell at higher prices.

But with an upcoming company, you might get lower prices and additional services such as free delivery. The material used to make the antenna also influences the price. For example, if it is made of aluminum, it is likely to be costly because it will last longer.

And when it is made of plastic, it is likely to be cheaper since it isn’t durable. Do you intend to use it once? If that is the case, the cheap one is perfect rather than spending too much on a product that you won’t use for long.
All these will still depend on your budget. Had you made plans to buy an antenna? If you had, you may have some money set aside that should be enough to get you a good antenna. If you just decided that you will be going for a getaway soon, and you need one, you may have to consider the affordable ones.

It is essential to ensure that you get one that will give you more signals and, therefore, many channels, regardless of the price. But don’t go overboard in the name of quality or brands. Just purchase what suits you!


For any mechanical product, it is always safe to have a warranty. It shows that the manufacturer of the antenna wants to ensure that you not only trust the product but are also fully satisfied with it.

For instance, if there are two products that are almost the same in terms of their features, and only one of them comes with a guarantee, you are likely to go with it. It is because you are assured that in case anything goes wrong, the problem can be solved.

It means that you can either return the product, and your money is refunded, or it is exchanged for one that functions as promised. Keep in mind that there a lot of lies about products to increase sales.

Therefore, there are high chances that they might have a malfunction, especially the ones that you buy online. However, you can still go through other customers’ reviews on whether they were sorted when they had an issue with the antenna, or it is just another marketing strategy.

Shipping rates and policies

Are you considering shipping your antenna of choice? Well, it is okay. But where are you shipping it to? If it is from one continent to another, there might be some complications or simply inhibitors.

For example, how long will the antenna take to reach the destination from the day of order? To decide on this, you may have to consider the urgency. If you need to travel in two days, and it can only arrive after three to five days, you may have to reconsider the whole thing.

You may have to forego it or postpone your trip to a later date. You need to consider the fact that delays happen all the time, and you can never be sure when the arrival date will be. Another thing with shipping is that it involves more expenses from the usual.

One of them is the fact that you have to pay for a shipping agent, who, just like you, is also trying to put some food on the table. There is also the export and the delivery fee when it gets to your country.

However, the seller will compile all the expenses and give you the general amount that you are supposed to pay. But the fact remains that it will cost you more. However, shipping globally has been made easier and more convenient, unlike in the past. Therefore, you should consider it.


I am grateful for your time. I hope that my information was also useful. I reviewed five RV TV Antennas that are perfect for your choosing. I also compiled a few factors that you should keep in mind before selecting the one that is ideal for you.

However, my top pick for you is the KING OA8300 Jack Replacement Head HDTV Antenna. But what are my reasons? First, it features an enhanced UHF signal reception that gives better coverage and, therefore, more channels.

The channels include both DTV and VHF due to its long-range signal. It is also small and comes with a lovely design. As for its installation, it comes with directions that are easy to follow. It also includes mounting brackets that are perfect for any type of RV.

Moreover, you can upgrade it to digital HD if you like. However, its stability is not a hundred percent reliable. The advantages are nonetheless more than the drawback. Therefore, if it meets your specifications, you should go for it!

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