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Electric Della


The fun that accompanies traveling adventures in a recreational vehicle cannot be gainsaid! It is probably one of the best things that you would want to engage in, provided you have all the right equipment.
However, there are some circumstances that may make your experience in an RV harder, and even boring. That is definitely the case when it comes to doing your (let’s call them) RV chores.

Who likes doing chores? I guess no one. They literally make life more complicated and boring. Doing your laundry is even worse when done in a recreational vehicle! It is better if it were done at home.

What options do you then have? Manufacturers of recreational vehicles are realizing the importance designing them in a way that enhances doing of laundry. In some cases, you will find RV that come equipped with a standard washer.

If not, then it is up to you as the owner to ensure that you install some of these essential pieces of equipment. You will have to go out of your way to purchase an appliance that serves both the purpose of washing and drying.

Here is a list where you can choose from. 

Best RV Washer Dryer Combo List



In your recreational vehicle, you probably do not have all the space in the world which you can use as you wish. This therefore means that you have to maximize on the little that is available and make the best out of it.

If that is the case, then Della is just what you are looking for! The machine is small-sized and very portable. This gives you the added advantage of being able to move it from one point to another, and is especially suitable for your RV as it occupies a small space.

With this appliance, it is also easy to operate therefore suitable for everyone including beginners. You are also going to love its clear lead which enables you to monitor everything that is happening inside.

Della products will also go a long way in making your washing experience exciting. This is owing to the fact that the machine has an in-built draining system, which makes it very easy to drain dirty water once you are done with the cleaning.

The machine can withstand up to 11 lbs. of laundry work.


  • Small and compact
  • Easy to use
  • In-built draining system


  • Limited work-load
  • Quite costly. 


Electric Della

This is another great product from Della that you may want to use in your recreational vehicle. It is a flexible and multi- purpose appliance, which not only makes your washing easier but also but also provides you with drying options.

This stackable machine is also portable and of a small size, thereby suitable for your RV. Do you know what? This is among the simple products that will give you an ample time when it comes to using it!

All you simply have to do is to put the clothes that you want to be cleaned inside the washer. Thereafter, you have to fill it with enough water, then specify how long you want the process to take. This is then crowned by activating the wash button.

Furthermore, this washing and drying machine has a draining system which automatically drains away unwanted water. It is also important to note that this washing machine can support up to 8.8 lbs. of workload at one time.

The dryer, however, can only support a load of about 4.4 lbs. 


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Internal drain pump


  • Limited washing and drying capacity
  • Can use a lot of electricity



This is a machine that has been designed to adequately respond to your needs and cries. It has both a washer as well as a spin dryer which is all you need to make your washing while in your recreational vehicle easy.

The manufacturers have been careful as regards their size, ensuring that it is small, portable and compact to fit in your recreational vehicle. What more would you be looking for?

Actually, if you opt to move from your RV, you do not have to necessarily purchase another washer as this can still be used in your apartment.

As regards capacity, XtremepowerUS has been designed such that the washer can accommodate up to 8.8 lbs. of workload while the dryer can accommodate up to4.4 lbs. of workload.

On the plus side, this machine comes with a number of plastic buckets that make its use more enjoyable and convenient. The washer has a high power rating of 300 watts and the dryer 150 watts.


  • It is small, compact and portable
  • Has a high power thus fast
  • It comes with a number of plastic buckets


  • The washer and dry-spinner have a limited capacity
  • Appropriate for small and delicate laundry


Best choice products

As always, people always have varying interests. You may be among those that will actually like this product! You just have to be aware of its features then make a decision whether you purchase it or not.

For starters, just like all the other products, this one is small and portable. Therefore, it is suitable for use in your RV, house, condo or dorm. The machine will not occupy a big space and will therefore be convenient for your use.

Further, this machine’s washer has a large capacity and can accommodate up to 8.8 lbs. per load, while the dryer as well has a big capacity of up to 5 lbs. per wash. This therefore means you can clean many clothes in a small duration.

To top it up, the appliance has the ability to operate silently and will therefore not be a nuisance to you. Not everyone loves noise, as it tends to irritate us and even those around us.
Draining water from the machine has been made easy by a hose that has been attached.


  • Portable
  • Easy to drain water
  • It is fast


  • Limited workload
  • It is made from plastic



If you are looking forward to purchase a machine that will make your work easy and also save on your time, you may want to consider Giantex. It is equipped with both a washing tub as well as a spin-drying tub.

It is convenient for use in your recreational vehicle following the fact that it is lightweight and portable. This consequently means that it will not occupy much space, just what you want for your RV.

The washing tub can accommodate a load of up to 11 lbs. therefore speeding up the washing process. The spin-dryer, on the other hand, takes up to 6.6 lbs. of loads at ago.

The machine boasts of a very high washing and drying power, each standing at 300 watts and 110 watts respectively. This therefore serves as a boost to its speed.

In addition, the washing tub comes with a filter net which serves as a temporary storage means to keep dirt when doing the laundry, and has a transparent lid to give you a view of what is going on in the washer.


  • Transparent lid
  • It’s powerful
  • Portable, small and compact.


  • Good for small and delicate clothes
  • Limited capacity 

Factors to Consider While Purchasing RV Washer Dryer Combo

During holidays or on weekends, there is nothing you can do to best enjoy your time with your loved ones than going for an off-road trip in a recreational vehicle. Those people who own RVs know what I am talking about here.

While spending time in your RV off the grid gives you the time you need to relax and enjoy the calm surroundings, there are few setbacks you will have to overcome if you are after getting the most out of it.
One of the challenges that you will have to face is cleaning your laundry, bearing in mind that you will have to wash your clothes when they get dirty. Luckily the laundry part has been handled for us, and they're now numerous products on the market to tackle the dirty laundry.

The tricky part is choosing the most suitable item that will best serve your needs. Every manufacturer is doing its best to make sure that they stay on top of the market charts. This has resulted in the production of washer dryer combo machines that are highly efficient.

As a result, many people have had difficulties choosing the right machine for their recreational vehicles. If you are in such a spot, then you come on the right platform. I am going to provide you with tips you can follow to guide on settling on the right product.

The capacity of the unit

Considering the size of your machine, the first thought in your mind when you want to get one. Bear in mind that the products are manufactured in different sizes, and it will be in your best interest to get one that fits your space properly.

If you are traveling solo in your recreational vehicle or with a bunch of few folks, I suggest that you buy a washer that is small in size. However, if you travel with your family, which is a large number, my suggestion will be to get a larger machine.

One way of ensuring that you choose the right machine is by inspecting the available room you have, in this case, is the space available in your RV. You need to get an item that will adequately fit the little available space. You could take some measurements to be sure it will fit as required.

It is required to keep in mind that generally, the washer dryer combo machines are small in size compared to the conventional washing machines. It is because of this reason that such items are preferred to be used in RVs.

Therefore you shouldn't expect to find a combo machine that is too large, but one with a reasonable capacity for your needs. The amount of laundry you do should help you pick the right size.

As you consider the general size of your product, I advise you to factor in the load capacity of the machine. How much laundry can your machine handle at once? This is very important as it will determine how fast you will finish your laundry.


The efficiency of a machine will determine the results, how easy it is to use the machine and its reliability. All the combo machines do not perform the same way; each has its strongholds and downsides. It is up to you to get one that you see efficiently as per your requirements.

You need to know that, whereas the performance of the washer dryer combo machine does not match the standards set by the ordinary washing machines, you can still get admirable levels of performance.

There are few things you need to check, which translate to efficiency; first is the mode of operation. Is it fully automatic or semi-automatic? If you are a hands-off person, your best choice would be a fully automatic machine. Most of the work will be done without your input.

The machines with express drying features are highly preferred by many because they use a hot stream of air, which is blow to dry the clothes within the shortest time possible.

Bearing in mind that in your vehicle, there is limited sunlight exposure going for items that have fast drying features is wise. You also need to go for machines that take the shortest time possible to complete your laundry.

Do not forget to factor in the power consumption of the unit. You won't be traveling with the grid in your RV, and it is, therefore, reasonable to consider purchasing a product with a low power consumption rating.

Some combo machines are powered using electricity while others are run by gas. You may decide to get either type, given that you find it more practical for your needs. If you decide to settle the gas type, be sure you have measures to address the exhaust.


Another vital factor to consider before settling on a washer dryer combo machine is the material used in the manufacturing of the product. Normally the material used in making the units determines its durability, service life, and quality.

The washing machine is mainly made using polyethylene, porcelain enamel, and stainless steel. Knowing which material to choose is the only thing standing between you and a top-notch product.

Whereas machines made using porcelain are budget-friendly, they have a short product life. This makes them not a perfect choice for those who are after long-lasting products.

In the same line, RV washers made using stainless steel are more expensive compared to the others. This may be due to the sturdiness of the material. I highly suggest that you go for items made with rust-proof materials.

It is advisable to make sure that the material used in making the interior of the washing machine does not wear out easily. To prevent your clothes from being snagged from the inside, it is necessary to do so.

It has been shown that in some washing machines, those made using porcelain materials wear out leaving rugged parts that may damage your clothes. It is because of this reason that combo machine made using stainless steel are highly preferred out there.

The material will also determine the total weight of the washer. Considering that you will be using the unit in your recreational vehicle, I suggest you get a unit that is light in weight. For you to be in a position to choose right, you need to be well informed of the materials used in the making.


We all want products that will give us ample time to use and operate them. There is no need to buy a sophisticated machine, yet you can find one that is easy to operate. If you are a hands-off person, your best choice will be a fully automatic unit.

Here, you need to consider all the properties and features of the machine that will not only make the operation easy but also cost-effective. Wash and dry machines operate differently, and this means water consumption also varies.

Given that the amount of water you carry in your RV will be limited, it would great to buy a unit that consumes less water. You need to be conservative with natural resources, some of which are scare, as you may already know.

You can decide to buy one with a clear top lid. It will allow you to see all the action that is taking place inside the machine. This could be fun for you. Besides, the transparent cover also allows you to monitor the water levels in the unit.

The amount of noise being emitted from the washer and dry machine should also be at minimal levels. The machines made up of many moving parts, which is constant and random motion—this motion results in vibration, which leads to noises.

The weight and portability of the machine should also be among the things you consider while selecting your unit. Take your time, and be sure that you buy a product that you can easily carry around in your RV.
With the introduction of induction motors, you may find washings machines that run quietly. I recommend you consider such products. The induction motors, due to their mode of operation they can operate with minimal noise levels.

Additional features

These extra features are there to make your life a lot easier and experience of using the machine quite satisfying. You could decide to settle on the ordinary products, but why go for such, yet you can spend a few bucks and get top-notch machines?

Considering that the units have different additional features, you need to be aware of the extra features you need to be in a position to choose the right unit. Some of the additional features you look for include;
Sensor, there are many types of sensors, and each performs a specific task. Some sense temperatures and water conditions. You may also find those that have sensors to detect the dampness level in your clothes, which then sends a signal to allow a more extended span period to ensure proper drying.

If you want to remove the bad smell in your clothes, I suggest you buy a unit that has a steam refresh feature. It does not only remove bad smell from your clothes but also takes care of all the wrinkles in your fabrics, making ironing easier for you.

The steam increases the temperature inside the unit; this, in turn, makes your clothes absorb more water, thus getting rid of deep-down dirt. Also, at such high temperatures, the detergents tend to dissolve in water quickly. This improves the overall performance of the unit.

I hope you found this information helpful!


I don’t want to fathom how difficult doing your laundry can be in a recreational vehicle if you do not own a twin washing and spin-dying machine. It is definitely not an easy thing to do while on the road.

While I do appreciate that it may be quite challenging to settle for one RV washer dryer combo following the many options available in the market, I have done a review and I can recommend that you go for Della.
The machine is small and portable, therefore suitable for compact environments like your recreational vehicle. It will not cause you any inconveniences. The machine is also easy to use.

All you have to do is put your clothes in the washing tub, add water and set the timer then trigger the start button! As concerns draining, the manufacturers ensured that they build an in-built system for the machine.’

As a result, it is easy to automatically drain dirty and unwanted water from the washer. It is also worth to emphasize that the machine has been designed with a capacity to accommodate up to 11 lbs. of laundry.
I therefore do not doubt its capabilities. Make sure to buy one!

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